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2024 Superbooth News

Pre-Sale: During Superbooth you can save 15% on all this items in our pre-sale. Delivery is ~6-8 weesk later.


• Possibly the most interesting news this year is our set of Geophones: Geophone S (190€) & Geophone L (270€). Geophone L has an expanded frequency range over the S one and higher sensitivity. Both come in a zipper-hardcase and include steel-spike, suction cup, clamp and magnet. An additional "bow" holder (30€) which can optimize the sound performance is available separately both of them.


• We also have a new, magnetic Contact Microphone (79€) in our repertoire. Our previous version really became a big seller over the last years, so it was time to offer you some more features: it comes in a neoprene zip-bag, 2 cables (1/8" to 1/8" and 1/8" to 1/4") plus a universal holder, what makes it possible to attach it basically everywhere.


Field Amp (189€) was already shown last year but becomes even more relevant now with the new contact mics. It is our low-noise pre-amp dedicated to contact microphones.


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/ Geophones

Geophones are omnidirectional seismic sensors to capture low-frequent vibrations. Besides detecting seismic activity, Geophones are used to capture extreme low-end for sound design, music production, field recording, foley and game sound.


We offer two versions to meet your budget and your needs: Geophone S and Geophone L.


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/ Contact Microphones

With contact microphones any surface or object becomes a canvas for sonic exploration. These microphones offer a unique perspective that traditional recording methods simply can't match. You can literally listen to materials, plants or objects from inside the material.


Here is a new version of our magnetic contact microphone. It includes cables for 1/4" and 1/8" inputs plus a neoprene bag and universal holder.


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/ Field Amp

Field Amp is our solution for the world of body sound transmission: recording the world with contact microphones and geophones.


After releasing our Microphonic Soundbox we quickly noticed that we hit a blind spot. Many sound designers praised the clean and noise-free amplification of it, but had not nessesarily use for the Soundbox itself.


It is available online through Exploding Shed plus our retailers (see list further down).


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/ Microphonic Playground

Microphonic Playground is the newest addition in our series of sound design instruments. Like its bigger sister, the Microphonic Soundbox, it's a playground for sonic exploration of any kind. It can also be your inexpensive entry into the Soundbox world before you possibly upgrade later.


Also check here for the many new add-ons for both instruments.


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/ Microphonic Soundbox

The perfect sound design tool! Microphonic Soundbox is an acoustic wooden experimental instrument, which perfectly integrates in any audio setup to create interesting and otherworldly soundscapes. It features 2 internal contact microphones and 2 battery powered low noise pre-amps (~100x Gain), both signals can be mixed together and sent to the mono out as a line level.


Assembled units only, mk2 is no DIY anymore.


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/ 2 HP Passive DIY Modules

We created a series of inexpensive and very easy to build DIY modules. Friendly helpers in many situations. Multiplying signals, rolling off low-end on bass and drum sounds etc.


DIY Level: Easy.


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/ Dronesynth

Here is our latest incarnation of the Dronesynth in a beautiful wooden box. Two channels, four oscillators, a mixer, filter and a VCA. The oscillators can be synced, what leads to interesting sounds with rich overtones. The filter is a combination of low- and highpass.

Dronesynth is available as a DIY kit online via Exploding Shed.


DIY Level: Medium.


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/ VCO-1

VCO-1 is an analogue basic VCO (oszillator) for the modular Eurorack system. From mid 2018 it can be complemented by VCO-1 Expander, which adds many functions like sync, lin. FM, wave morphing, LFO etc. VCO-1 is temperature stable and provides a clean 1V/oct tracking over min. 4 octaves. Besides our workshops, you can buy the VCO online via Exploding Shed.


DIY Level: Medium/Advanced.


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/ EXP-1

EXP-1 is an expander module for our analogue Eurorack oscillator VCO-1. It adds an LFO with two waveforms (square, triangle) and various modulation targets, sync, lin. FM, wave morphing, an additional triangle output etc. Together with VCO-1 it is a complex oscillator with lots of internal or external modulation possibilities.  Besides our workshops, you can buy it online via Exploding Shed.


DIY Level: Medium/Advanced.


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/ Noisefoc

Noisefoc is controlled chaos and  a great learning project. It is based around three CMOS NAND gates as oscillators, controlled by potentiometers and a light dependent resistor (LDR). Power starving makes the device completely out of control. The Eurorack version features a CV input for pitch influence via optocoupler. In general, it offers many opportunities to understand the technology behind it, as well as possibilities of hardware hacking.


Besides our workshops, you can buy the Noisefoc soon online via Exploding Shed.


DIY Level: Easy/Beginner.


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The following items are discontinued:

/ Kaputt Monkey Fuzz

Kaputt Monkey Fuzz is a brutal fuzz distortion, which mangles beats and synths as sexy as guitars. The power starving function really chokes your sound to death and with the additional combined diode-clipping and feedback functions you can add sub-octaves to the sound and generate synth-like, ragged and screaming sounds.


DIY Level: Medium.


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/ Noise To Brain Adapter NTBA

NTBA is a multifunctional oscillator (VCO) and a swiss army knife for your modular synth, which is available as a DIY kit. It has 12 modes, organised in 4 groups.

NTBA offers a lot of value for your money: Squarewave VCO, FM, Noise, S/H Tone Generator, Clock Switcher, Clock Divider, Trigger Cluster Generator, Random Trigger Clouds.


DIY Level: Medium.


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/ Hairy Bastard Fuzz

Hairy Bastard Fuzz (like Woolly Mammoth) is a moderate fuzz pedal, that works well for guitar and bass. Defined, reliable and controllable and dynamically responsive to your performance.


DIY Level: Medium.


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