/ 2 HP Passive DIY Modules

We created a series of passive Eurorack utility modules as DIY kits, available in 2 HP (3U) and 1U Intellijel. The price is unbeatable and it is extremely beginner friendly.
Available are so far:
•  ATT - 2 channel attenuator that can be used to attenuate audio or CV signals
•  MLT - 1 input to 6 output or 2 input to 3 output signal multiplier
•  FPF - Fixed Passive Filter is a simple utility filter with fixed cutoff frequencies for Highpass, Lowpass and Bandpass


•  DIY kits

• beginner friendly projects

• passive

• price < 20€

• available as 3U and 1U

Online availability (EU only): www.exploding-shed.com