/ Studio

In 2017 we have built a completely new studio. We did most of the acoustic treatment with nature material - earth, wood, hemp and wool. The best room we ever had! The room is acoustically optimized for mastering and mixing plus recording of voice or single instruments. We do not record ensembles and bands.


We have a collection of high grade audio plugins and components by RME, SPL etc., anlogue synths and modular gear. Most wiring is done by Sommer Cable and HiCon. Most audio work is done 'in the box', so changes on customers demand can be easily done.


And the best: we have lots of experience!

/ Audio Mastering

After the mixing engineer did his best to translate the musical idea into sound, the mastering engineer usually tries to finalize the recordings as a whole. He tries to get the most optimal sound possible before distribution and tries to create a homogeneous sounding aesthetic through the album.


/ Audio Production

The best song is deemed worthless if it is not optimally mixed. We offer any kind of mixing work. Songs, albums, video trailers and more.

We are producing songs from your demos or act as a supervision partner in the background to help you getting more out of your music.


/ Editing & More

We also offer Editing and Restauration of audio material. It might be clicks or pop sounds to be removed from a recording or improving the sound of an educational film. Dropouts on old DAT recordings, denoising of vocal tracks, an over-emphasis on single frequency bands of instrumental recordings etc. Most of this problems can be fixed.