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DIY & Synth Meetup - Leipzig 28. Oct. 2023

On October 28, the guys from Exploding Shed, the DIY online store, invite you to their first DIY & Synth Meetup in Leipzig at the premises of the Center for Immersive Media Art, Music and Technology, called ZiMMT.


A cozy community event awaits you and this event should mark the beginning of a regular series of events in the coming years. The focus is on the enthusiasm for synthesizers, especially in their modular design, combined with the Do-It-Yourself approach and music production, with a clear focus on 3D audio.


At the same time, the workshops are designed to appeal to different skill levels and thus attract novices and experts alike.

> Details & Tickets <


The workshop places are limited, we recommend booking now.

/ Studio Work

LeafAudio is best known for Mastering, but in the newly designed studio we also offer Recording and Production, Mixing, Editing,  Supervision and Restauration. Please also check the reference list.


/ DIY Workshops

Since 2009 we did far over 100 workshops and worked with Electronic Beats, Superbooth, Adobe, Ableton, Niemandsland Festival, Krake, Panke Berlin, Loop, Bayrischer Rundfunk and many, many more.

/ Machines & Instruments

We develop DIY Kits and instruments, which are available through Exploding Shed for EU and North America via various retailers.

International online shops carrying our products:

Exploding Shed (EU only)

Schneidersladen (EU only)

Musikhaus Korn (EU only)

Sound Of You (EU only)

Thomann (EU)

KMR Audio (UK)

Control Voltage (USA)

Perfect Circuit (USA)

Noisebug (USA)

Analogue Haven (USA)

Workshop Impressions

About LeafAudio

LeafAudio was founded 2008 by Manuel Richter as a production studio and professional outlet for his creative skills. Manuel is a musician and audio engineer, who looks back on many own releases and concerts. In 2009 he started the DIY workshop series under the same name, which became one of germany's best known workshop series since then. Since 2016 they are more focused on Exploding Shed as a distro for Synth DIY. 

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Want to know about the next workshop dates? Need prices for an audio mastering or an individual offer? Do you want to book us for an inhouse workshop for your company? Do you want to improve your live set and need help help building it professionallly?


Whatever it might me, you are welcome to get in contact with us.



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