/ DIY Workshops

In our workshops we offer to build our own DIY kits - experimental Oscillators, Fuzz Boxes, Eurorack Modules, Drone Synths, Microphonic Soundbox. Over the years we developed lots of own projects.


We guide you and generally beginners are welcome. Our workshops start with a soldering tutorial and no one leaves without a working machine, promised!


Thanks to our cooperation partner Ersa, our workshops are equipped with professional soldering irons and tools.



Currently we only offer workshops frequently. Since we opened Exploding Shed in 2016, a DIY Online Shop with EU-wide shipping, it quickly became a full time job for our team. We might offer Online Workshops under the flag of Exploding Shed. If you are interested about it, check out the Online Workshop dates! If you want to book a DIY workshop for your event, festival, etc. feel free to send us an email request. Thank you!

/ Workshop Dates

Here you find our current workshop dates. Click on the link for detailed info about the dates and registration.

/ Workshop Infos

How is a workshop organised? What tools should I buy when I start DIY? Can we book you for a workshop?

/ DIY Machines

Over the years we developed lots of DIY projects. Some survived, some died. The most recent ones are collected here.