/ Hairy Bastard Fuzz

Hairy Bastard Fuzz (like Woolly Mammoth) is a moderate fuzz pedal, that works well for guitar and bass. Defined, reliable and controllable and dynamically responsive to your performance. Comparable devices can be found in stores from 250€+. Rock solid - the Bastard will probably survive any tour until you get retired yourself.

  • True-bypass without switching noise
  • Status LED
  • Two knobs for controlling the fuzz-sound
  • One knob for controlling the sound (EQ)
  • One knob for controlling the output volume (fuzz only)
  • High quality capacitors, connectors and switches

The circuit is optimized for bass and guitar. Who is looking for more tonal variation, more brutality and a sick screaming sound or who wants to fuzz electronic sounds, might better go with our Kaputt Monkey Fuzz.