/ EXP-1

EXP-1 is an expander module for our analogue Eurorack oscillator VCO-1. It adds an LFO with two waveforms (square, triangle) and various modulation targets, sync, lin. FM, wave morphing, an additional triangle output etc. Together with VCO-1 it is a complex oscillator with lots of internal or external modulation possibilities.  The size of 10HP for each module and long knobs with a good grip makes it a perfect working horse for your system and all controls are super precise.

The bi-polar LFO LED (green/red) shows you the exact frequency and polarity. The left 50% of the frequency knob cover 0 to 1Hz, the second 50% cover 1Hz to 200Hz, so you can adjust the low frequencies very precise.


DIY level: Medium. The EXP-1 DIY kit can be built by medium experienced DIYers in about 2-4h.


Building Instructions can be downloaded here.


Availability: Besides our workshops, EXP-1 is available in our online shop Exploding Shed.


LFO Freq. ca. 0Hz - 200Hz

LFO Amt. (target via selector)

Lin FM (int. LFO / ext. signal)

Morph (int. offset / ext. CV)


LFO Shape (Saw / Square)

LFO Target (Morph / PW)

Morph Mode (Tri-Spare / Tri-Saw)



LFO Freq (ext. CV influences LFO Freq.)

Lin FM Input

Morph CV Input

Sync Input

LFO Output

Morphed Output

Triagle Output


Powersupply: Like all Eurorack modules, the EXP-1 is powered by a symmetrical power of +/-12V. Additionally it is linked to VCO-1 via ribbon cable, they act as one module then.


Additional Info: Unlike most DIY manufacturers, we produce our panels and circuit boards in germany. We also only use quality materials and durable parts. We hope that our customers appreciate and support that. The frontpanel was designed by Hannes Pasqualini / Papernoise. The VCO was developed for us by Leshracs Lab.