02.3.2019 / 12am - DIY Workshop besides Audiotrauma Festival

As I will be at Audiotrauma Festival to play with Haujobb on friday, we thought it might be an idea to do a workshop on saturday.


In this DIY workshop at Audiotrauma Festival you can build one of the following  DIY kits: (click on the links for more infos about the machines)

You register by buying the reservation ticket now, the rest has to be paid cash on location then. I will ask you by email about what you want to build 2 weeks before the festival.


Check out the Audiotrauma Festival website if you like.


Workshop location is t.b.a. and will be posted by email latest a few days before. The duration of the workshop will be 5h to 7h, depending on your DIY and soldering skills, make sure to pick a project that meets your time schedule for the evening.


*Please read about the registration process, terms & conditions and general DIY info here.

Ticket: Reservation (1 person) 02.3.2019 (12am) - Prague

Please bring your ticket-email printed!

Ticket: Reservation (1 person) 02.3.2019 (12am) - Prague

30,00 €

  • Available

Location: t.b.a., Prague

Website: https://web.facebook.com/events/422092638213969/


Facebook Event: Feel free to share the facebook site.