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Workshop Registration & Price

When registering for our workshops, you buy the reservation ticket online here in the online shop. If you don't show up at the workshop, the fee is kept as a processing fee, no return is possible. The rest of the workshop price is paid cash on the day of the workshop. Total workshop price = price of the DIY kit + 15€ workshop fee (read further down). 30€ of the resulting price is paid in advance as a reservation ticket.



If the workshop is booked via our system, you will receive an invitation email from us one/two days before the workshop. It contains additional infos, location adress and all you need to know.


Good Accompaniment & 100% Functional Guarantee
Our workshops are well organized and supervised plus you receive a 100% functional guarantee! If it does not work, we replace it in the workshop. To finance these qualities, we charge an additional workshop fee of 15€ which also finances travel, accommodation and location cost.


Can we book LeafAudio for a Workshop?

Yes. We did workshops at universities, music- and synthesizer festivals or inhouse workshops for companies like Adobe or Ableton. Just write an email and speak about your ideas.


Soldering Irons & Tools

Generally you should bring the tools you have. But thanks to our cooperation with Ersa, we can offer professional soldering irons which you can borrow for the time of the workshop. If you want to invest into some good DIY tools, here is a list of good tools, based on our experience of 100+ workshops. For the result it definitely makes a big difference to use high quality tools. Some stuff you also find in our own shop Exploding Shed.


Light & Eyeglasses

When people solder for the first time, they often underrate good light. You can never have enough light! Never! Flood the room with as much light you have. If you wear eyeglasses, you should bring them to the workshop. We have seen countless people who struggled, cause they were not able to identify the values of all the small components.


Soldering Tutorials

Depending on the time you want to invest, we picked 3 good videos (4min, 10min, 30min) which will provide you with a bit of theoretical soldering knowledge.