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The main guy behind LeafAudio is Manuel Richter (born 1974). He is a trained audio engineer, studio- and live-musician. Ten releases as Xabec, some more with his elektropop duo Underwater Pilots. Tours as live-musician and tecnical coordinator a.o. with Haujobb. Producer, songwriter and sound-dude for Anne Clark, productions for Solitary Experiments, Haujobb, The Flood and many more. The Flood made it to position 2 of the european alternative charts with my production and the album was liked by Vince Clark. He did lectures at SAE Institute, Bayrische Musikakademie, Bayrischer Rundfunk, Landesmusikakademie Berlin and others. He worked as a teacher for more than ten years and absolved trainings in musictherapy and psychotherapy before he fully dedicated himself to the passion for sound and workshops.

Manu is a trained drummer and deeply connected with rhythm, but also was attracted by electronic and atmospherical sounds since his childhood. Meanwhile he is mostly doing electronic music, but totally open to everything else. His audiovisual drone-project Silent Walls is uncompromisingly focused on experimental composition.

Under the name LeafAudio Manuel is running his own studio since 2008, is working as an audio engineer, producing, mixing and mastering audio (References). At the same time Manu and his colleagues are running a well known workshop series, mainly about DIY electronics and synths. LeafAudio has worked with partners like Ableton, Superbooth, Adobe, Electronic Beats, De:Bug, Clubtransmediale, Timewarp Festival and many, many more.